Greece. WTF?

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Re: Greece. WTF?

Postby jbounias » Thu May 06, 2010 9:23 pm

Well guys I have been working 15 years in the private sector and guess what.... the majority off us are poor little ants in a lions' nest working like slaves so i dont want to hear from any of you that the market economy and the neoliberal globalized state have the faintest humanitarian aspect in them. Please note that our master (the free economy) has the need off democracy and state of law in order to thrive and enslave us (and those are happily provided by the politicians)

So we end up with a WIN WIN situation for both the capital and the politicians (the rest of us we are a diminishing fuel for the everdecaying society)
Now public administration comes into place in order to exercise and implement the whatever economic and political system it is told to.
As the other half of people (simple people) work in the public administration we can not accuse them of nothing else than incompetence or lack of interest. However they contribute vastly in the total spending and in fact if they did not existed the private sector would not be able to sustain itself.
I dont know of any family that has not both a relative in the private sector and another one in the public.
Stop accusing each other we need coexistence.
Public Sector is not profitable as some wrongly have stated but its a selfpreservating system out of control (but with no bad intenses)
On the other hand MARKET equals greed, infinite capacity for profit and total antagonism to the point of exterminating its own clients and consumers.
Last but not least POLITICIANS means greed for power and nothing else, and power when is in possession makes someone abuse it (99% of the time... and this abusive behavior can lead to the very extinction of the people and societies they govern.
Nowadays i passed some extremely hard examinations and i have joined the most elite corps in the public sector
The National School Of Public Administration (bulletproof meritocracy and extremely high academic level of students) and after my educational period i will join public sector in the core of the government in an executive position....
Well to tell everybody the truth politics market public sector society and media make a lethal combination and if any of you believe that knows who to blame is utterly wrong.
For someone who has vastly examined and studied this we all sound like bitching babies that are unhappy with inside their very little universe.
So let us stop bitching and start doing some reading in order to be practically able to justify what is really wrong with our society.
Semi ignorance is worst than total ignorance. This is the state of mind all forces wand us to remain in.
Discover what is really wrong throughout the whole history of modern society and be critical.
I too suffer from all this sh t going on but i also suffer seing so much oblivion..... Have you ever question yourselves why there are no classes (till highschool level) about politics-constitution-simple economics?
I really stand here declaring myself as your go to source for unselfish and fully fair and scientific explanations for any matter you could thing of regarding the situation we are leaving and at least provide you with a healthy base for your thinking
ps (ZEITGEIST and Michael Moore are to me like some american pulp books '' be a millionaire in 67 simple steps'' )
We lack of teachers that care to give us a healthy and strong base of thinking, (my teacher was the urgency to get a decent job and escape poverty through reading countless hours and books for the job competition)
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Re: Greece. WTF?

Postby Freshmaker » Fri May 07, 2010 6:29 pm

Just to make sure you guys don't misunderstand me; I'm not saying that people working in the public sector are "better" then people working in private sector. I'm not talking about those working for a pay-check, I'm talking about the people behind. And that goes for both private and public sector; the people making an insanely huge profit on screwing with the rules and regulations.
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Re: Greece. WTF?

Postby Semtex » Thu May 13, 2010 9:03 am

Thanks for your thoughts on this guys. It seems that everyone agrees that the 'opposition', depending on where you work, is a necessary evil. People need to make money but we need services to look after people. Getting the balance right is the trick and no one seems happy in their own countries that this is happening. As for corruption: When you see the guys at the top (private and public servants) taking all the cream you feel that you are surely entitled to a few crumbs. That's how I see it anyway, so I think it's difficult to stop it completely.

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