example never followed?

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example never followed?

Postby jbounias » Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:47 pm

Hello everyone.
I want to introduce you to (or remind you of) to the best and most classic rally game till now...
It is the richard burns rally, which is undoubtedly considered as the kick off of the rally sims.
Well the developer company went out of business but also gave the code or some developer tools ( i dont know exactly) free to the community. Then some crazy guys at rallyesim.com made some huge and immensely detailed add-ons and gave the game a whole new perspective and life span. Just check their work and effort on this.
So i can not help asking myself if it would that be that difficult for the makers of the original game to give us some hints or tools to expand their game....
Of-course i am not a programmer and other guys from the community would carry the burden and more than happily do what they know best .. but i surely as hell would back up such an effort.
I have been trying to suppress my sorrow for so long but i will spit it out '' our game is dead because its makers sadistically enjoy the hype produced by its decay'' it does not make sense even from an economic point of view.
''hedge hog '' the rally developer company gave their game away cause they knew that its magic would be lost.
I can not find this in ko anymore. I bet that all of you enjoy better the social contact hosted by ko , but it can be done with any 2 player game.
When i first subscribed to the forum i was thinking that my showcase of love for ko2002 would motivate its makers and that we could have some progress, but we made the game retro and dead.
If pro evolution soccer and thousands of fps games can be patched or modded then why not ko?
If this means a transition to ko2002 for windows would it be that annoying?
Does our love for the amiga ko has ended and killed the progress?
If a rally that is loved by its fans and it is excellent in terms of simulating the genre was donated to them why this has never been discussed for ko? Are we awaiting the return of the amiga era and further exploitation of the ko sales and intellectual property returns ?
If at least the greek guys want a reunion i suggest a pes 2010 gathering wearing ko t-shirts
The Allan Holdsworth of ko

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