Football Manager Live - Staggered release, starting this Oct

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Football Manager Live - Staggered release, starting this Oct

Postby Steve1977 » Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:09 pm

Well the time has come and the game is due to be revealed to the public in October, albiet in a staggered release.

To the uninitiated, Football Manager Live (FML) is essentially a football MMO. You fire up the game and choose your fictional team name, colours and then just like in Fantasy League, you'r given a select group of players who have 24 hours can remove these to research your own would be stars and once confirmed, they'r either on 1 year (1 month game time) or 2 year (2months game time) contracts.

Running simultaneously with the game is a chat room where you can speak to people within your Gameworld, League or go to Technical Support (who are very helpful). So if you'r struggling with anything, you can ask for help.

I mentioned Gameworlds previously, basically when you join FML you choose a Gameworld. Apart from a different name, these are all the same. Its just a name given to the server. But within these Gameworlds are different Football Associations and you join the FA that best suits your needs.
So lets say you work nights, you would join a Daytime Football Association. Lets say you don't have much free time, you just join a league where there are a comfortable amount of games. The FA also lists the times that games should take place, so you can play as many or as little games as you wish - You can get out the game what you want to be.
The danger with these sorts of games is that you get too addicted, but if you join an FA to suit your needs then that need not be the case.

I was fortunate to be a Beta tester and thought it was great! At first anyway...due to it being a Beta it was littered with lag issues and people not playing (hence, the superiour AI would take control and invariably win). But because people now have to pay, I don't see the AI being an issue and the lag issues? I don't envisiage a problem here either because SI are going to stagger the release of the game. So once you have joined a Gameworld, you will be notified when it's playable (and then charged) They won't just release it to everybody and then bury their head in the sand due to 5 million people spitting blood.
They'l start 1 gameworld first...once that's fine, they'l start the next one and so on and so forth.

Thankfully being a Beta tester I was given the chance of a nice discount so I'l be joining and this time I won't be joining a league where you have to play a crazy number of games. Therefore it won't seem like I'm a slave to the game. If I do get sick of it (like i did before), then I have just paid for the equivalent of 1 game (£30) and how many games do we have where we have played for a few months and then resigned them somewhere to gather dust?

Wondered if anyone else would be joining? If so we could all join the same Gameworld and as with Diplomacy, we can have battles with our teams online.

Within the game you have your own email facility too and can exchange messages with other managers, there's a transfer system too whereby you either go to the transfer list or just offer some players via email. Also you can talk during the game to the opposition and others can join to spectate.

For me, I see this as replacing stand alone Football Manager. So instead of firing that up when I'm in the mood for a game, I can fire up FML and play against other people. No AI tactics, no cracking of the tactics. Instead it will be the greatest battle of all...gaining the upper hand over the unpredicability of another human being.

Here's more details:

Official Site]
Information about ordering]

If anyone has any questions then just fire away, I might be able to answer them.
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