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Olympic Medals

Posted: Sat May 10, 2008 10:13 pm
by durban
Have you ever held an Olympic Medal.

If so who's was it and what was it like?

Lets see who has had their hands on the most prestigious :)

I recently met and chatted with Roger Black at something work organised. He was a top bloke and very very funny and had some excellent stories. Anyway he brought his Olympic Silver Medal from the 400 Meters in Los Angeles (which Michael Johnson won!)

He also had his gold from the British 4x4 Triumph at the World Championships which was just as nice to be honest (when we beat the Yanks who had basically won it before the race according to EVERYONE), but he admitted it didn't quite mean as much as his Silver.

It was a cracking experience to meet the legend, and also to finally lift an Olympic Medal above my head :)