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One Day....

Postby durban » Sat Apr 26, 2008 4:29 pm

Alex Fergusson is the biggest moaner in in fact make that the whole world.

He is fuming on TV about the penalty....its was a fking penalty for gods sake, I am sick of this whole 'Oh he didn't do it intentionally his hands were down' no they werent he lifted his arm, it hit him, it blocked a cross into the box...

Then he goes on to moan that it was going to Ferdinand so was a bad decision....erm I seem to recall the ball carried on into the box and someone (was it Anelka) got to the ball first, thus if it hadn't hit Carrick it would have been even deeper into the box and Anelka would have easily have got to it, had a better angle for the shot and probably hit the target...

Then he complains about Carrick 2 minutes before the penalty being taken out on the edge of the box!!!

What fucking game is this drunken scottish twat waching? The Carrick 'foul' (which incidently was not a foul and the guy just launched himself in the air as soon as his feet hit the box) was AFTER the penalty and Carrick was blatantly trying to make amends by winning his team a spot kick by cheating!

Admittedly 10 mins before Ronaldo was blatantly obstructed by Ballack and this was dodgy, he complained about this as well and that was fair enough.

Its the first fucking Penalty that his team have given away this season, and they have been given 11 and he complains about refereeing....what a fucking drunken twat he is and such a bad loser.

I mean he is legendary at getting results, he is a great Manager for his team, but he is still a moaning complaining twat and opitimizes EVERYTHING that is bad about Manchester Utd.....
No longer the only UK based Liverpool, Nottingham Forest and Crewe supporter in the whole of the KOA!!!

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