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One of the funniest Greek commercials ever!

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 12:00 pm
by alkis21
Set in London! I hope you'll get it.

Man: Come on you blockhead! Move it! You're blocking the street! I have to go to a meeting, move!

Woman: Who are you calling blockhead? You worthless Neanderthal chimp! They put your steering wheel on the other side and you don't know left from right, you jerk!

Man: Move it or I run you down!

Woman: What can I say to you! What can I say! Here! ('open palms' gesture, insulting in Greece)

The man goes on and on while the caption is displayed:

Now with Aegean Airlines, more Greeks in London

The expression on the English driver's face is priceless! :lol:
If anything, this commercial should prepare you for the Greek temperament you will face this November.