Football, not soccer!

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Football, not soccer!

Postby Semtex » Fri Nov 30, 2007 11:55 am

Bit old but an interesting and intelligent take on football from America: ... occer.html

Especially liked this bit:

A less important (and far less Steven Segal-related) issue: the smallest mistake looks like the world’s dumbest kick. I really do appreciate how skilled the players are, but 90% of the shots look hideously off. They spend five minutes carefully pushing the ball up the field, passing and heading and all that good stuff, they cross it to the guy in the middle, and he launches it 20 feet above the goal. Or he kicks it right into the goalie’s hands. Or knees it to a gaggle of 5 defenders. I know these guys are the best in the world, but it just looks so bad when they miss. I really don’t know how they can fix this -- maybe a giant backboard?

I have to agree it does make me laugh when you have great skill to build up an attack and the striker belts the ball into row Z...

Who knows, maybe one day they'll even call it by it's proper name!

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