Durban wants to know about wines....

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Durban wants to know about wines....

Postby Thowra » Wed Nov 29, 2006 10:22 am

Here is what he wants to know and asked me to post on his behalf:

Basically I am in the Virgin Wine Club, but wanted to know if anyone else is in a Wine Club (online) that delivers and has a good range of wines etc?

The VWC is ok, but its range of wines (especially classic French Reds, Chateau Neuf etc) is limited.

Would like an opinion on another online wine club before I join. Not bothered about price etc, but want it to be well stocked and have a good speed of delivery (don't mind waiting 5-10 days but don't want to be made to wait a month like some places etc!) Also I am more interested in the better quality side of the market, rather than the cheap end, so if it has a good selection of vintages that would be good (although I don't mind a good selection of cheaper stuff as well of course....but don't want something like that only really offers your run of the mill Hardys and Stowells etc which I am NOT interested in)

Oh and I am starting to get into the French Wines again, although obviously I still stand by my argument that South African Pinotage is, and will always be, the best variety!

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