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by Sid
Thu Feb 12, 2004 2:59 pm
Forum: Player Manager
Topic: are these tips for real?
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Player Manager is the joint best game ever along with KO2. ... then there is quite a bit of reloading and replaying games involved. This is mainly because you need to win the cup and get promoted in order to afford the good players as they appear. I can win the league & cup in Division 3 without an...
by Sid
Thu Feb 12, 2004 2:40 pm
Forum: Kick Off 1/2
Topic: KO2 Different versions
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Which is better; and why?

Kick Off 2 + WC'90
Return to Europe
Final Whistle
by Sid
Thu Feb 12, 2004 2:33 pm
Forum: Kick Off 1/2
Topic: Rare Kick Off Collection?
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I bid £50 for "Football Crazy" on ebay, and lost out in the last second!!

Player Manager
Kick Off 2 + WC'90
Final Whistle

But I saw a copy elsewhere on the net, and I bought that!!
for AMIGA!!!!
which has just been resurrected from the cupboard.