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The official forums of the Kick Off 2 Association. Everyone welcome to join and post. Find out more information about the game, discuss with others and find out if there is a tournament near you soon - or perhaps online? The forums should be your first stop as a new visitor to our pages, introduce yourself and ask anything you feel you need.

Knowledge is the key to life, so find out more about the game of Kick Off. All the information you could need on the history of the game, the world's best players, Dino and Steve and every type of joystick you could imagine. It's the world's greatest archive of Kick Off Information, and it is growing all the time with the help of you and the other members of the KOA.

Over the history of Kick Off there have been local, national and international tournaments galore. Every game, every result and every goal has been saved and brought together in the Stats insititute. Once you have played in two tournaments your name will be here, to be remembered for all time alongside the other greats who have graced our beloved game.

The Pinnacle of the Kick Off Year is the World Cup Event. Held each year around the globe, and this being the 19th consecutive year we are travelling to Bremen, Germany, where the biggest and best of the Kick Off World will get together to check out their Freimarkt Festival, drink margerita until the sun goes down, and play kick off until they have blisters in places you should never get blistars! Sign up below soon to make sure you are locked and loaded into the main event of the kick off Calendar! !